An all day event dedicated to presentation of self-publishers and music labels from Slovakia.

Introducing art press publications from Magazine X, APART Label, Sputnik Editions, Banská St a nica , PORT No. 21 and music labels LOM and Proto Sites.

In collaboration with the London based collective MOR HO! (https://morho.co.uk/about/) and in continuation with their previous events, HARVEST presents the latest titles from initiatives of independent Slovak collectives and individual artists. This project aims to create a dialogue and space for future collaboration between Slovak and London based artists.


Since 2012, the main objective of this project is publishing works that are mapping demonstration of visual arts in local environment. Its focus is on the tendencies in modern art display, exploring its individuality with special attention to creation of archive of this specific cultural environment. Rather than mapping wide artistic practices, APART pays close attention to those forms and expressions that are in line with their subjective preferences in art practice.


Magazine X

Artistic community working internationally in the field of illustration, publishing Magazine X, bilingual publication distributed in several countries across Europe. The pages of expert written content are bound in distinct form of folder that
contains reproductions and originals of illustration and graphic design works.


Sputnik Editions

Slovak publisher producing art projects in book form, focusing on printed matter as an artistic expression. Sputnik editions has so far published 15 titles, distributed internationally.


Banska ST A NICA

ST A NICA is a hub for wide spectrum of culture activities – workshops, symposiums, residencies and publishing.

PORT No. 21

A magazine focused (not only) on photography and visual arts.



Record label LOM focuses on experimental musicians and their production.


Proto Sites

Internationally distributed record label focused on crossing borders and boundaries between experimental / club / other music. A collection of new sonic and visual topographies.


poster by: David Kalata




Zbigniew Libera - WALSER

WALSER, 2015, Poland, fiction, 78’ directed by Zbigniew Libera


Libera’s film is a snapshot of an imaginary paradise: the director paints the portrait of an ideal tribe, described as “a sort of achievement of the dream of hippies to return to nature, a Slavic version of Avatar”. The members of the tribe, who are handsome, young and immortal, live in their idyllic world until they are paid a visit by an outsider, a representative of civilisation: Walser.


Screening is a part of exhibithion A Forming of Inevitable Blue / HIT Gallery 

Realised in the framework of Small/Big World project smallbigworld.net

A Forming of Inevitable Blue

The point of departure of the exhibition in the HIT Gallery is the film Walser by Polish artist Zbigniew Libera, which became a motif when considering the concept of a curatorial project by the artists collective APART. Its central theme is the question of parallel history/future with an apocalyptic vision/ the power conflict of man and his standing in society. The aim of the exhibition, using the gallery’s basement spaces, is to separate the strata of this theme, drawing on a variety of approaches to artistic form and content by artists living in countries such as the USA, Holland, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The exhibiting artists are Mehraneh Atashi, Ján Gašparovič, Floris Kaayk, Martin Kohout, Tavi Meraud, Pavel Sterec and Zbigniew Libera, whose film will be screened on June 15 in the Mladosť cinema. 

curated by APART


Realised in the framework of Small/Big World project smallbigworld.net




Martin Vongrej - The Medium between a Flat and a Space

Presentation of recent work with introducing of publication Duration.
Friday 6.11. o 16:00 v Café Berlinka SNG


The Medium between a Flat and a Space


What kind of consciousness? Visual understandable – understanding by repetition, splitting of a space.


What sort of understanding of a space? Condition of frontal sight; to be between the wall that I can see and that which I can not see.


Identification with actual kind of consciousness according of observation of a space.


Between two there is always the one. The consciousness.



Martin Vongrej (*1986, Bratislava, MFA-VŠVU BA, 2012) is an artist living in Bratislava. Graduate of Ilona Németh’s atelier “IN” at AFAD Bratislava. His work consists out of complex instalatons dealing with problematics of human conciousness and perception. In 2010 Martin attended Manifesta 8 contemporary art exhibtion in Spanish town Murcia with his work “Self observing conciousness”, “She has the sence of limited time” in amt_project Bratislava, 2011. With his work “rems nedej nel erímsev ov“, Remap 3 in Athens, or Non profit & Profit in Spazio A, Pistoia in Italy. He exhibited individually in 2012 in Bratislava and in 2014 at Moravian Gallery Brno and last year in Fotograf Gallery -“Čakanie na konečnú prítomnosť v neprítomnosti“. He attended artist residencies like Museumsquartier in Vienna, Saarenkartano in Finland, KAIR in Krems, Austria, Petrolio in Puglia, Italy. As well in Peruan jungle Centro Selva or this year’s Terra Foundation for American Art in France. In 2013 he made a publication called “2013”.


LABEL – Martin Vongrej – Duration – BUY


Erik Janeček - Not sure if she's dead or she only sleeps

Tuesday 11.11. 2014 o 16:00
Námestie Slobody, Bratislava.  


Not sure if she’s dead or she only sleeps.


In the beginning the fountain served for everyone. Fountain.


Artistic gesture of Althamer underlined her new meaning, thirsty ground, desert. Ilona Németh joined the idea by changing water into mist, which covered the space of the plaza. Only one element was needed to achieve entirety. Fire. 


Whether it’s a simple game with words, fountain (architectonic element) or fountain (pyrotechnics). Focusing attention on past things, reacting on history of certain space. They are considered as finished but, still with vibrating echo.


I use aspects of a volcano as a metaphor. Dead element, extinct. Its not sure when it will “come to life” again and makes damage. 


From its entrails, which i think about as something that belongs to the past, suddenly the sound of the arriving eruption comes and opens the question if it is really over and if changes come in waves.


photos: Michaela Dutková, Matej Gavula, APART      

XYZ Collective - Coast of Goofness

5.10. 2014
Sunday, 10:00 – 00:00
Berlinka SNG
16:00 performance of Miroslav Csölle


Milan Tittel (1966), Matej Gavula (1972), Miroslav Csolle (1964)


Coast of Goofness is the name for series of video projections by artists : Milan Tittel, Matej Gavula and Miroslav Csolle, which are thematically related to Bratislava’s Danube river flow. The river acts as a unifying moment of all outputs, capturing all of the actions of the group, that are related to the river or working with the theme in some way in each period of the year.


Situation is part of BLAF festival

photos: Peter Sit 


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