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A Promise of Kneropy generates an exhibition and event programme which unravels and researches each selected topic on an annual basis. Within this programme, she presents local artists together with those, who operate internationally. A Promise of Kneropy explores pathways and creates networks. A Promise of Kneropy hosts a library with sections built and mediated by communities, dedicated to anti-fascism, ecology, feminism and leftist theory. A Promise of Kneropy runs a public study room. A Promise of Kneropy cultivates alliances that are rooted in related ideological motivations and urgencies. A Promise of Kneropy has the ambition to become a valuable partner and an ally to individuals, collectives and independent subjects who will need her. A Promise of Kneropy is a place that welcomes artists, art workers, activists, people experiencing various forms of oppression, local residents and all those, who are not willing to conform to the current status quo with open arms. A Promise of Kneropy realizes that the fulfillment of all these goals is a lengthy process during which she will have to constantly and tirelessly re-evaluate her efforts and to adapt her methods to the old, ongoing and newly formed requirements and criticisms coming from the people she wishes to be a refuge for. A Promise of Kneropy promises she will always listen.