Tuesday 11.11. 2014 o 16:00
Námestie Slobody, Bratislava.  


Not sure if she’s dead or she only sleeps.


In the beginning the fountain served for everyone. Fountain.


Artistic gesture of Althamer underlined her new meaning, thirsty ground, desert. Ilona Németh joined the idea by changing water into mist, which covered the space of the plaza. Only one element was needed to achieve entirety. Fire. 


Whether it’s a simple game with words, fountain (architectonic element) or fountain (pyrotechnics). Focusing attention on past things, reacting on history of certain space. They are considered as finished but, still with vibrating echo.


I use aspects of a volcano as a metaphor. Dead element, extinct. Its not sure when it will “come to life” again and makes damage. 


From its entrails, which i think about as something that belongs to the past, suddenly the sound of the arriving eruption comes and opens the question if it is really over and if changes come in waves.


photos: Michaela Dutková, Matej Gavula, APART