Origin of the name A Promise of Kneropy created by Apparatus 22

a new word that defines a suprainfinitic phenomenon:
the moment of transformation which happens when someone
receives the hug of utopian / bigger-than-life / profound /

essential / visionary ideas that make way for change (post-
colonial theories, feminism, progressive reflections about labor,

climate crisis, minorities, queering)

Such process has two phases that can be connected,
disconnected or (ideally) simultaneous:
– the hug one receives from utopian (bigger-than-life /
profound / essential / visionary) ideas when encountering
– the moment when one embraces back those ideas

A PROMISE OF KNEROPY – marks the heartfelt, keen
commitment of Apart to offer through exhibitions, books,
lectures, library etc. the possibility of getting that hug, of
enabling moments of transformation

A promise that is neverending, everchanging, self-regenerating,
vitalizing, caring & loving for you and also the people you want
to encounter (art audience and beyond)