The point of departure of the exhibition in the HIT Gallery is the film Walser by Polish artist Zbigniew Libera, which became a motif when considering the concept of a curatorial project by the artists collective APART. Its central theme is the question of parallel history/future with an apocalyptic vision/ the power conflict of man and his standing in society. The aim of the exhibition, using the gallery’s basement spaces, is to separate the strata of this theme, drawing on a variety of approaches to artistic form and content by artists living in countries such as the USA, Holland, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The exhibiting artists are Mehraneh Atashi, Ján Gašparovič, Floris Kaayk, Martin Kohout, Tavi Meraud, Pavel Sterec and Zbigniew Libera, whose film will be screened on June 15 in the Mladosť cinema. 

curated by APART

Realised in the framework of Small/Big World project