APART is a Slovak art co-operative, founded between 2011 and 2012. Currently active members of APART are Ema Hesterová (*1997), Denis Kozerawski (*1990), Chiara Rendeková (*1995), Andrej Žabkay (*1987) and Peter Sit (*1991). APART performs research, creative and artistic production, project- and exhibition-making, curatorial production, publication and archiving. APART is a meta-participative platform and works on a proto-institutional basis – under the principle of shared economies. The media they most frequently use are (moving) photography, object and public space interventions. However, the media are not formalistically central here but rather referential and functional. Their thinking is scientifically technological and politically utopian. APART’s main methods are cumulation, discussion and exchange. APART is consist of artists, curators, publishers, cultural workers and producers. Since 2020 APART runs exhibition space and library - A Promise of Kneropy.