On view from 28.10. – 24.11.2021 at A Promise of Kneropy, Pečnianska 7


Isle of the Altered Sun


Exhibiting artist: Natália Trejbalová


Curated by Ema Hesterová & Denis Kozerawski (APART Collective)


PR: Chiara Rendeková
Technical support: Andrej Žabkay


Isle of the Altered Sun takes place on the flattened Earth and is set in the distant future of the planet. Following the flattening, the atmosphere of the Earth has undergone further changes that have led to the extinction of some and the evolution of other species, including the humans that have lost their dominant position in the ecosystem. Isle of the Altered Sun is a possible picture of the world after what can be defined as a planetary catastrophe, which has changed the perception of nature as we know it.


Text by the artist


The gallery program is supported using public funding of Slovak Arts Council, Bratislava City Foundation and Bratislava Region.


Photography: APART Collective / Chiara Rendeková

Appeared on Artalk