On view from 8. – 20.10.2021 at A Promise of Kneropy, Pečnianska 7


Liquid being


Exhibiting artist: Peter Kašpar


Curated by Ema Hesterová & Denis Kozerawski (APART Collective)


PR: Chiara Rendeková
Technical support: Andrej Žabkay


In his solo show, Peter Kašpar disrupts our binary ideas about humanity and technologies. His artworks are situated in such thought space, which, instead of strengthening the stereotypes opens a wide field for reflection that goes beyond the limits of what we consider “typically human” and “typical for technologies”. He asks about the extent to which emotions, friendship or spirituality are concepts attributable to people and imitable by technologies. He also examines the relationship between sentiment, feelings, materiality and lust for it. Technologies and human lives are inseparably intertwined, we can’t live without them and they can’t live without us. Can data die? Is withdrawing from the heaviness that comes with materiality the way our futures should be shaped?


Text by Ema Hesterová

The gallery program is supported using public funding of Slovak Arts Council


Photography: APART Collective / Chiara Rendeková


Appeared on Artalk | Tired Mass | Easttopics | Agent d’Écarts