Drawing a Line through Landscape (Part 2: On the Road)


Nikhil Chopra has just completed his 60 hours long performance for documenta 14 in Athens. Enclosed in a shop on Archemedeous 15 he made drawings of the endless sea using mud and water as his medium. This was Part I of the durational performance “Drawing a Line through Landscape’.

After emerging from the muddy sea, Nikhil Chopra takes on Part 2 of the performance. This time he will make his way by road through Europe from Athens to Kassel from the 13th of May to the 8th of June 2017. He will pitch his mobile room in city squares, abandoned villages and the wilderness, stopping at each location to make drawings on the walls of his tent. Each location also presents it self with an original song that is sung to a prerecorded tune.  Each location offers new collaborations with local and home-based artists.

Eventually Nikhil will end in Kassel on the platform of the old Hauptbahnhof with a series of large drawings that will be sewn together and draped to create one continuous panoramic drawing.

While searching for what we all have in common and art being a language that connects us all, the question that he is in search of is, “In the mode of a nomad, will performance realize its potential to transform; spaces, places, people and the self?  The answer lies in the moment.”




Performance interventions in

-Sofia by Ivo Ivan
-Gorna Lipnitsa by Madhavi Gore and Jana Prepeluh
-Budapest by Ivan Angelus and Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy


Costume Design- Loise Braganza
Set Design- Aradhana Seth
Film- Sophie Winqvist
Song Writer- Gautam Sharma
Music- Ranjit Arapurkal
Driver- Stephen Frick
Documentation- Madhavi Gore
Project Assistant- Shaira Sequeira


Project commissioned by documenta 14 and supported by Piramal Art Foundation, Payal, and Anurag Khanna, Galleria Continua and Chatterjee & Lal


Project Partners – University of Ioannina, Department of Fine Art; Tsarino Foundation; Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival; Atelie Plastelin, Sofia; Old School Art Residency, Gorna Lipnitsa; Tancskola, Budapest; Bridgeguard Residency, Sturovo; Apart Collective, Bratislava.