Martin Vongrej - The Medium between a Flat and a Space

Presentation of recent work with introducing of publication Duration.
Friday 6.11. o 16:00 v Café Berlinka SNG


The Medium between a Flat and a Space


What kind of consciousness? Visual understandable – understanding by repetition, splitting of a space.


What sort of understanding of a space? Condition of frontal sight; to be between the wall that I can see and that which I can not see.


Identification with actual kind of consciousness according of observation of a space.


Between two there is always the one. The consciousness.



Martin Vongrej (*1986, Bratislava, MFA-VŠVU BA, 2012) is an artist living in Bratislava. Graduate of Ilona Németh’s atelier “IN” at AFAD Bratislava. His work consists out of complex instalatons dealing with problematics of human conciousness and perception. In 2010 Martin attended Manifesta 8 contemporary art exhibtion in Spanish town Murcia with his work “Self observing conciousness”, “She has the sence of limited time” in amt_project Bratislava, 2011. With his work “rems nedej nel erímsev ov“, Remap 3 in Athens, or Non profit & Profit in Spazio A, Pistoia in Italy. He exhibited individually in 2012 in Bratislava and in 2014 at Moravian Gallery Brno and last year in Fotograf Gallery -“Čakanie na konečnú prítomnosť v neprítomnosti“. He attended artist residencies like Museumsquartier in Vienna, Saarenkartano in Finland, KAIR in Krems, Austria, Petrolio in Puglia, Italy. As well in Peruan jungle Centro Selva or this year’s Terra Foundation for American Art in France. In 2013 he made a publication called “2013”.
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