There are no identities, only desires, interests, and identifications. Can radical queerfeminism be emancipatory politics for all? Let´s make gender- and class-divided society a thing of the past! Let´s use technology to overcome biological determinism! Let´s imagine reproduction outside families! Let´s reproduce the future! For bright tomorrows! 

We invite you to a performative reading of the Xenofeminist manifesto with the screening of videos by Patricia Reed and Diann Bauer, members of the Laboria Cuboniks collective. 
Laboria Cuboniks characterizes xenofeminism as an anti-naturalist, gender-abolitionist and techno-materialistic form of feminism. They want a future without patriarchal capitalism instead of identity politics. Everything for everyone. Against gender standards and for a different organization of reproduction. 


Event is organized by Generácia Z with Apart collective

Reading will be held in the studio of APART collective in the Welding Research Institute.