Kunsthalle Košice
11.6.2015,  18:00
curated by Vladimír Beskid
until 16.8.2015


On the the exhibition with the name “There is no place like home. East or west, home is the best ” at Kunsthalle/Hall of art, will present seven artists to the public – Cyril Blažo, Miroslav Csolle, Matej Gavula, Erik Janeček, Denis Kozerawski, Peter Sit, Milan Tittel, Martin Vongrej and Andrej Žabkay. Viewers can familiarize with their works from 11 th of June till 16 th of August. Together they are focused on demonstrating performance, discovering various ephemeral, banal situations of everyday reality, sometimes with a hint of analysis and sometimes from a position of observers and non-interested witnesses. Presentation of their collective work will start with the opening ceremony on 11 th of June at 6 o’clock in the evening. In connection with the mark of XYZ, artists create an specific form of collective existence and artist’s reflection of reality. More than material artifacts – objects, to them are comments of experienced and thought, discovered situations, found relations, which they often materialize and visualize with minimalistic ways forms their characteristic expression. “Original plan to present works of group XYZ (Milan Tittel, Matej Gavula) expanded into free meetings of Bratislava’s middle and younger generation artists. Their common starting points are post-conceptual approaches, short video actions and sketches, various small inputs, commentaries and interventions into public space,” said the curator Vladimir Beskid. He adds that the central projection at the exhibition will be a montage of looped videos, which capture numerous actions and interventions in urban space of Bratislava. Intuitive and parallel were the interests in certain points, places and situations in the city( Námestie Slobody, waterfront of the Danube, ArtHall etc. ). Besides that, there should be several more video projection in the space and objects, prints, archives of thematically selected photographs (solar, lunar, astronomical etc.) should be found there as well. Finally the group of artists will prepare several actions right in the city of Košice as their own video analysis of the city, capturing the unique and unrepeatable atmosphere of the east metropolis without its metro. Exhibition at Hall of Art in Košice is a collaboration sequel of group XYZ with collective of young authors, featuring under the label “APART” (Erik Janeček, Denis Kozerawski, Peter Sit and Andrej Žabkay). Together they realized such conceptual outputs as “Coast of Goofnes” , “29 th august” , in the flat of Miroslav Csolle, “Videogoulash” at Photoport Gallery, etc. This event is co-funded from grant system of Slovakian Ministry of Culture



Vladimir Beskid